Bronco was imported from the Slovak Republic in the summer of 2013 and is currently the proud father of 6 adorable puppies sired through artificial insemination (semen exported from south FL to Washington state).  Semen analysis evaluations are excellent (c-report on mobility and fertility levels). Bred by Jana Stefanova, Bronco was selected for me for his potential to be an excellent show dog displaying outstanding characteristics of the Entlebucher breed.  He possess the independent spirit of other herding breeds but he still relishes spending time with his people  and his BALL!...especially if given a job to do.  Affectionate by nature, Bronco retains a bit of standoffish behavior until he gets accustomed to strangers in his environment.
Bronco is steady, bold and athletic!  Herding, dock diving, fetching balls, running with me on a hike, bike or horseback ride are productive outlets for his energy.  His confirmation is stocky and extremely muscular and well proportioned with striking chrome markings. His coat is extraordinarily well defined and a sought after texture and characteristic of the breed.  His movement is balanced, elastic and straightforward retaining a slight confident bounce to his gait that makes him attractive to watch as he works fetching the ball or shows in the ring.
I am currently working on finishing both of my Entlebuchers dogs in the show ring but the lack of local Entlebuchers in my home area of the SE, has delayed my goal.  My training and socialization of my Entlebuchers has been thorough and widespread , which has made them a favorite to all dog lovers who encounter them and very dear companions to myself.

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