Bluto was imported from the Slovak Republic in the summer of 2013 and is already the proud father of 11 puppies, one of which is being groomed for the show ring. Semen analysis ratings are high on mobility and fertility levels. View Report Page 1 & 2. Bluto was selectively bred by Jana Stefanova of Balihara Ranch and highlights the best attributes of his breed. His personality belies the general observation of his breed with his laid back personality, affectionate character and confident approach toward unfamiliar people, places and environments. Entlebucher confirmation is exemplified in Bluto, showing an outstanding sample of the standards of this breed, with his ample bone, well proportioned head and symmetrical build. Extremely handsome to the eye, he attracts many a comment from even amateur dog lovers. Though Bluto is laid back in his attitude, he is extremely competitive when exposed to disciplines such as sheep herding, dock diving, dog showing and asserting his prowess rounding up the family donkey. As a hiking companion, Bluto is my buddy, carrying his pack and maneuvering difficult terrain with agility and focus. Bluto's movement is not only balanced but assured, confident and out reaching and this is portrayed easily in the show ring. I am working on 'finishing' both of my Entlebuchers but lack of Entlebuchers in the local area (the southeast of the US) to compete against has delayed my goal. With or without a championship, this Entlebucher is a true portrayal of his breed. I have been so intent and focused about their training and socialization which they embraced with every new certification, test or training technique and new adventure/travel experience. I am truly lucky to have this special dog in my life with all his love and loyalty he undeniable shares with me.

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